2020 Statistics On Python And R Communities

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In November of 2018, I wrote the article Why Women Are Flourishing In R Community But Lagging In Python. In February 2020, Ben Ubah created a dashboard of PyLadies meetup groups.

Many people have used the statistics from my November 2018 article in presentations related to diversity. In celebration of International Women’s Day 2020, here is an update of some statistics for the community to reference.

2020 Statistics of Python and R Communities

Detail Python R ratio Python/R
Language Python Rstats  
Language Released 1990 1993  
# Female core developers 5 0 5:0
Sponsors PSF R Foundation  
Sponsor Followers 305.2K 16.4K 18.6
Users (a) 41.7% 5.8% 7.2
URG Initatives ? R Forwards  
Conferences PyCon Rstudio, useR!  
  PyLadies Dashboard R-Ladies Dashboard  
Founded 2011 2012  
Members 54,000 65,000 0.8
Countries 30 52 0.6
Chapters 77 191 0.4
Chapters inactive 27% 17% 1.6
Twitter Followers 12.7K (@pyladies) 16.3K (@RLadiesGlobal ) 0.8
Slack Members 3509 2242 1.6
Funding $? yes  
Leadership team in-progress yes  


  • This table was updated 07-Mar-2020.
  • (a) Stack Overflow 2019 Developers Survey
  • PSF = Python Software Foundation
  • CS = computer science
  • URGs = underrepresented groups
  • Chapters inactive (PyLadies: 21/77; RLadies: 32/191)

It is interesting to note that Python and R were released in the early 90’s (1990 and 1993) and the women’s communities were created nearly 20 years later. Python did not add a woman to their core developer team until 2017, and it seems that R does not have a woman on its core development team. This sheds some light on the need for creating, growing and supporting communities for women and all under-represented groups.

PyLadies Updates



  • Ben Ubah for creating the dashboards


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