Consulting Requests

I am available for consulting in these areas: data science, diversity, mentoring and community building.

Contacting Me

I am involved in many projects and receive a lot of inquiries. I respond to emails in this order of priority:

  1. CONSULTING: I am an independent consultant; email me for my hourly fees.

  2. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Business and educational development activities which move me forward professionally.

  3. VOLUNTEER: NYC URGs and Allies in Data Science, PyLadies. You can support me on Patreon. reshamas

  4. MEETING REQUESTS: Coffee / Mentoring

  5. OTHER: Other miscellaneous requests

Consulting Terms

  • there is a fee for initial consultation, $100/hr, 1 hour minimum
  • for no-shows, fee must be paid for missed meeting prior to rescheduling