All of my MLConf interviews are available here.

  • Cassie Kozyrkov
  • Leslie N. Smith
  • Andreas Mueller
  • Jerry Talton
  • Humayun Irshad
  • Abhineet Gupta
  • Narine Kokhlikyan
  • Kavita Reddy
  • Erik Schlicht

Cassie Kozyrkov

My interview with Cassie Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Scientist at Google. Many topics are covered: data science, statistics, education, leadership, inclusivity, comprehensive list of favorite resources and so much more!

LinkedIn: cassie
Twitter: @quaesita

Leslie N. Smith

My interview with Leslie N. Smith is posted on MLConf website.

Leslie N. Smith, is a Senior Research Scientist at the US Naval Research Laboratory. His research is in optimizing hyperparameters in deep learning.

LinkedIn: drlesliensmith
Twitter: @lnsmith613
GitHub: lnsmith54

Andreas Mueller

My interview with Andreas Mueller, who is the core contributor to the Python Scikit-learn library, was conducted right before our first WiMLDS Scikit Sprint to involve more women in open source contribution. It is posted on MLConf’s website.

Twitter: @amuellerml
GitHub: amueller

Jerry Talton

My interview with Jerry Talton of Carta.

Humayun Irshad

My interview with Humayun Irshad of Figure Eight. One of the exciting projects that Humayun works on is using deep learning to find parking spots in San Francisco.

Abhineet Gupta

My interview with Abhineet Gupta of One Concern. Abhineet works on fascinating applications of ML such as:

  • creating specific metrics for measuring how access to critical resources is impacted in disasters and to identify those communities that are most at risk before, during and after disasters.
  • contributing to development of Seismic product to estimate near real time impacts in an earthquake
  • creating evaluation metrics for machine learning models and set up the simulation pipeline to generate earthquakes for preparedness trainings and mitigation policy design

Narine Kokhlikyan

My interview with Narine Kokhlikyan. Many topics are covered: time series + NLP + anomaly detection as well as hot topics like diversity and algorithm reliability.

LinkedIn: narine Twitter: @Nunushik Reference:

Kavita Reddy

My interview with Kavita Reddy, Data Science Manager at Second Measure on working with billions of bank and credit card transactions. It is posted on MLConf’s website.

LinkedIn: K Reddy

Erik Schlicht

My interview with Erik Schlicht, who is the founder of the Computational Cognition Group, LLC. It is posted on MLConf’s website.