Google Walkout

.@EricaAmerica on Google walkout meeting:
It’s disheartening & disappointing. It’s such an opportunity for leadership. Just to say: we need to do better… We are so creative… We are so innovative.

Excuses from mgmt:
We need more data. We need to really understand the problem.
They are making conscious decisions. They have more data than all of us.

RecodeDecode Podcast


How do you think Google got that $90 million? They got it from every time you worked late, every promotion you didn’t get because they said there’s not enough budget, you have to wait. It’s from every time a contractor came to works sick because they don’t have paid time off. These are conscious decisions that the company is making and abusers are getting rich off of our hard work. It’s just not fair, and they completely know what they are doing.