Shared Advice & Mentoring from Women

Renee Wynn, Chief Information Officer at NASA


  • Be open to giving and receiving feedback. That is how we get better.
  • Write a note on the back of every business card so you can remember that person.
  • Help each other.
  • Networking, the human connection: solve a problem <= 3 phone calls


  • Strengthen your network
  • Be open to learning
  • Be open to feedback

2016 Stern Women in Business Conference

Power Women: How to Embrace Your Ambition

  • Bonnie Marcus, Founder, Women’s Success Coaching
  • Regina Buckley, SVP Strategy & Operations, Time Inc.
  • Becky Creavin, SVP, WellsFargo?, Stern MBA 1993
  • Moderator: Becky Schaumberg, Assistant Professor, Management and Organizations

Even in today’s world, many women still have mixed feelings about admitting their ambitions openly, and don’t want to be seen as blatantly power-seeking. At the same time, research suggests that when women do get power, good things happen. For instance, companies with women on the senior leadership team tend to perform better, and women tend to have more of the skills people associate with effective leaders. In this panel, powerful women will share how they’ve navigated their way to the top – and show you how to embrace your ambition and follow in their footsteps.


  • Can get things done if people respect you.
    • When you are good [at your job], people afford you a lot of liberties to do what you want.
  • Own your space. That says a lot about you and your confidence.
  • Don’t be afraid. If something is not appropriate, don’t accept it.
    • Cue into when people are being condescending.
  • Humor works well. Don’t want to offend people.
  • Hard work isn’t enough. You have to take care of yourself.
    • No one looks out for you, but you.
  • Channel your efforts in a way that will work.
  • Be authentic. Don’t be a playacting version of yourself.
  • Hard work and results are important.
  • Women tend to listen better.
  • Don’t be afraid if you are the only woman. Your gift is that you are memorable.
  • Swim like a duck. Turn up strong, freak out later.
  • We are all guilty of some unconscious biases.
  • Power: is how do you achieve things that are most important to you.
    • Feminine power can be quite strong.
    • desire to have control over yourself
    • “I want to control my schedule.”


  • You have to get along with people.
    • Make friends with people where it matters.
    • It is important to have friends.
  • Think of how you would describe your friend in a coaching session.


  • Find a connection that you didn’t have before [at an event].

Carla Harris

Carla Harris, Vice Chairman at Morgan Stanley, spoke at NYU Stern School of Business on November 28, 2018.

8 Things to be Intentional About in Being a Great Leader

  1. Be intentional about authenticity.
  2. Build trust with innovation