Datacamp Sexual Harassment Timeline Of Events

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Date Event
Jul 2013 DC founded in Belgium
Sep 2017 KW begins at DC
Oct 2017 incident occurred (DC had 50 employees, 5 were women)
Jan 2018 KW resigns; reports incident to manager (DC has no HR department)
Feb 2018 KW leaves DC
Mar 2018 KW receives update from DC venture capitalist who conducted investigation (independent investigation not conducted)
May 2018 DC hires Chief People Officer
2018-06-15 DC fires Greg Wilson and Dhavide Aruliah
July 2018 discussion with DC begins
Fall 2018 collective negotiating by the instructor community begins
2019-01-11 DataCamp: 2018 in Review (reports having 99 employees)
2019-02-27 Instructor Community call with DC
2019-04-03 100+ (of 200) DataCamp instructors send letter to DC
2019-04-04 DataCamp: A note to our community (issues first public statement on incident)
2019-04-05 Kara Woo: makes public statement
2019-04-05 Jeremy Howard: fastai removes DC from their site
2019-04-05 Greg Wilson: The Worst Behavior
2019-04-08 R-Ladies Global’s disapproval of DC: tweet; the original statement is not available
2019-04-08 Heather Nolis: On DataCamp
2019-04-09 Jacqueline Nolis disapproves of R-Ladies statement: tweet
2019-04-11 R-Ladies updates statement after discussion; tweet
2019-04-12 Noam Ross: Don’t Take My Course
2019-04-12 Bob Rudis: How To Hide Your Content From Search Engines
2019-04-14 Steph Locke: SatRdays (drops DC as sponsor)
2019-04-15 RStudio: severs relationship with DC
2019-04-15 Dhavide Aruliah: A note to our community on building trust
2019-04-15 Greg Wilson: An Exchange with DataCamp
2019-04-16 Julia Silge: Writing a Letter to DC
2019-04-17 DataCamp removes no-index tag
2019-04-17 UniverSmartphone: R community blasts DataCamp response to exec’s ‘inappropriate behavior’
2019-04-19 Data Carpentries: removes DC mentions from website
2019-04-22 Motherboard: DC Teachers Boycott Their Own Classes Following Sexual Misconduct by Executive
2019-04-22 Business Insider: CEO made ‘uninvited physical contact’
2019-04-23 DC employee Hugo Bowne-Anderson publicly states opinion: tweet
2019-04-24 DataCamp: I am deeply sorry (CEO issues public apology)
2019-04-24 DataCamp An Important Update from the Board of Directors
2019-04-24 ComputerWorld: DC CEO steps down indefinitely in wake of ‘inappropriate behavior’
2019-04-25 Business Insider: CEO of DC Takes Indefinite Leave
2019-04-25 PyCon: donates $9K DC sponsorship to NWLC
2019-04-25 Packt: DataCamp reckons with its #MeToo movement; CEO steps down from his role indefinitely
2019-04-26 DC employee David Robinson publicly states opinion: tweet
2019-05-02 Anaconda: Response to DataCamp’s CEO and Board of Directors
2019-05-04 Jeremy Howard: tweet on Anaconda
2019-05-06 Anaconda: updated statement
2019-05-13 Buzzfeed: A Multimillion-Dollar Startup Hid A Sexual Harassment Incident By Its CEO — Then A Community of Outsiders Dragged It Into the Light
2019-05-20 Reshama Shaikh: Deconstructing the DataCamp Debacle
2019-05-28 DataCamp: An Update on Our Progress
2019-07-14 Lorena Barba talk at PyData London: Frustration of Diversity Efforts in STEM (25:00 to 32:00)
2019-07-16 DataCamp: Instructor Advisory Board (IAB) Member Announcement
2019-08-07 First IAB meeting
2019-09-28 Jonathan Cornelissen DataCamp’s Culture
2019-10-03 Greg Wilson tweet; Mara Averick tweet
2019-10-16 Martijn Theuwissen: Working IDEAL’s Independent, Third-Party Review of DataCamp >In terms of next steps: on October 19th, the IAB will gather to discuss the report and provide the DataCamp Board of Directors (BoD) with their advice on how to best implement the report’s recommendations. They will also advise the DataCamp BoD on Jonathan Cornelissen’s future role with the company. As you know, he has been on a leave of absence since May 1st 2019. We’ll have more information for you as that process moves forward.
2019-10-16 Anurima Bhargava and Pamela Coukos: DataCamp Assessment Report (dated 26-Sep-2019)
2019-10-17 Kara Woo: tweet
2019-10-23 RLadies: R-Ladies Global’s response to the DataCamp Assessment Report
2019-11 DataCamp: Instructor Advisory Board FAQs
2019-11-18 DataCamp: Martijn Theuwissen Officially Steps Into CEO Role
2020-07-01 DataCamp: RStudio - Pending Legal Matter
2020-07 Richard Cotton: DataCamp and RStudio
2020-07-05 Daniel McNichol: A timeline of transgressions & community response


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