The Revolution Will Not Be Televised But You Might Catch Some Updates On Twitter

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To what revolution are we referring?

  • Women in Tech. Around the World.

What is one of the grassroots initiatives that will propel women in tech?

  • Google Women Techmakers Program.

How will that happen?

  • Read more below.

About Women Techmakers

Women Techmakers provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology to drive participation and innovation in the field. They achieve this by hosting events, launching resources, and piloting new initiatives with communities and partners around the world. By joining Women Techmakers you’ll receive regular emails with access to resources, tools and opportunities from Google and Women Techmakers partnerships to support you in your career.

Filling out our membership form will ensure we’re able to tailor offerings to your needs and interests, which we will send to you via email. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email the Women Techmakers team at

Participating in WTM

Becoming a WTM Member

Join the movement: Membership empowers women in their careers by providing access to curated resources and events, as well as information and tools from Google, our partners, and the global tech ecosystem.

Becoming a WTM Lead

Leads are invited through GDG (Google Developer Group).

Statistics on Members / Leads

  • @WomenTechmakers on Twitter 99.8K followers!
  • There are 43K Women Techmaker Members, worldwide
    • the largest membership is in San Francisco, New York, London and Seattle
  • There are 550 Women Techmaker Leads around the world and in 69 countries

Summit Information

Attendance for the summit was by invitation to GDG organizers and some tech community group leaders.


Speaker Role Twitter
Kübra Zengin Developer Relations Program Manager, Google @zenginkubraa
Lisa Martinez Global Head of News & Publishing Apps BD, Google  
Lauren Hasson Founder of DevelopHer, Speaker, Engineer @laurenrhasson
Natalie Villabos Diversity and Inclusion Leader at Google @nataliaenvy
Melissa Muñoz Program Manager, Google Women Techmakers @Melrmoon
Laura Gluhanich Program Manager, Google Women Techmakers @LauraGlu
Komal Singh Program Manager, Engineering at Google @think_oid
Regine Gilbert Sr. UX Design Consultant, Educator, Speaker @reg_inee
Tanya Valle Coaching & Consulting, Public Speaker, Mindfulness Teacher @TanyaValle23
Jenn Schiffer Director of Community Engineering - Glitch @jennschiffer
Jennifer Kohl Developer Relations Program Manager at Google @jen_kohl
Nitya Narasimhan Senior Program Manager, Developer Relations at Microsoft @nitya
Jennifer Wadella Founder, President at Kansas City Women in Technology @likeOMGitsFEDAY
Tina Arnoldi Marketing Strategist, Performance Analyst - 360 Internet Strategy @TinaArnoldi


All of the speakers and talks were incredibly inspiring and informative. The content and delivery was at an unmatched level. Here are some highlights from the keynotes.

Kübra Zengin: Opening Talk

Kubra was the lead organizer of the event and emcee’d the program.

Lisa Martinez: “Big Little Truths”

Lisa has worked at Google for nearly 15 years, in various technologies. She shared that at one point she went to work on Google AdWords because that was the “bread and butter” of the company, and she really wanted to understand it. Her experience and wisdom were enlightening and inspiring. These were my favorite shares from her talk:

  • Trust your channels
    • that they have good intentions
    • always come from a good place
  • Accept change, embrace change
  • Invest in people, not projects
  • Some men are heroes
  • Let go of your Legos. [Build a project and let it go.]
  • Health is under-valued
  • Reward yourself
  • Word hard and be nice to people
  • If you’re in the room, add value
  • Look for inspiring people around you

To Be Bold at Google Means

  • Become a lifelong learner
  • Accept failure
  • Look for ways to make a difference
  • Earn respect through work, not from a title
  • Take risks

Presenting to High-level Executives

  • The higher the executive, the briefer you need to be
  • Know your numbers
  • Lead with the data, but you tell the story!
  • 3 key points
    • Here is where I am
    • Here is where I am stuck
    • Here is where I need help

Her advise to her younger self

Wish I had been more my authentic self.

Lauren Hasson: Become a Negotiat[Her]

Lauren is a full-time software engineer, and founded a company called DevelopHer to empower women to own their careers and negotiate their salaries. She told a breathtaking story of how she was grossly underpaid relative to a less experience male co-working who she was training. She did extensive research and tripled her base salary in less than 2 years!

My favorite takeway:

  1. Ground yourself in data!
    • data on salary
    • leverage data: business needs & pain points
  2. Arm yourself with questions to handle pushback!
  3. Know when to walk away!

Download the Negotiation Framework

Natalie Villalobos: Women Techmakers Program & Updates

Natalie has been at Google for 9 years and is the Global Head of Women Techmakers.

Natalie mentioned the phrase “The revolution will not be televised” as an analogy to the community events of empowering and advancing women in tech. Women Techmaker leads are having a significant impact on their community at the grassroots level, and that activity, leadership and programming will have a ripple effect to impact a million women positively. Women Techmakers will be the driver of that million with this advice:

  1. Join
  2. Thrive
  3. Lead

Nitya Narasimhan: Why It Matters / How to Get There (#FirstLadyOfTech)

slides: Advocacy

Jennifer Wadella: Hacking Your Work Life __ Balance To Take Over The World

slides: Hacking Your Work Life

Tina Arnoldi: A Digital Detox is Good for You - and Your Business

slides: Digital Well-Being

Tina has had one of the most non-linear paths in tech. She is a licensed professional counselor who transitioned into tech. Some great advice to manage our tech consumption in a more productive way:

  • Routine and habits are easier than willpower
    • keep email [and other browser] tabs closed
    • use apps to limit social media use
    • set a timer for 25 minutes, then take a break, walk
  • Voluntarily be bored —> that can stimulate creativity

Twitter Highlights




book: Ara the Star Engineer

Regine Gilbert

Jen Kohl

Jenn Schiffer

Tanya Valle


Thank you

Thank you to Google and their team for creating this stellar event:



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