WiMLDS Contributions

These are contributions I have made to WiMLDS over the past 5 years.

New York Chapter of WiMLDS

  • NYC chapter organizer since spring 2015 to present
  • Mentored new organizers in 2018 and 2019
  • Advisor to NYC WiMLDS from January 2015 to spring 2015, prior to joining as an organizer
  • Co-organized 2018 WiMLDS/WiDS/SAP conference

Scikit-learn Open Source Sprints


  • Built relationship with sponsors over the course of 5 years which accounted for significant funding for WiMLDS
  • Created and distributed Global Newsletter to increase resources and communication WiMLDS chapter organizers globally in 2019
  • Was a guest on DataFramed podcast
    • recorded in November 2018 and released in February 2019
    • resulted in increasing our chapters 50%, from 39 to 63 WiMLDS Q1 report in less than 2 months


Global Chapters Support

  • Recruited two new members to join global team from Europe and Kenya to increase global representation
  • Created a “zap” on Zapier: a system to manage new organizers (now over 150) to the meetup group and process their applications so they can be added to the wimlds website. This improved efficiency, saved time and ensure more organizers were added to our website.
  • Recruited and guided a volunteer to create and design our website. This project was initiated and overseen by me in 2016.
  • Created project to create WiMLDS Overview Slides so organizers worldwide would be able to share history and statistics about WiMLDS
  • Created 5 Years (birthday) video
  • Created Conferences List for community
  • Supported global chapters by responding to inquiries, processing payments, etc.

New York Chapter Events Organized

Software Carpentry



Git Workshops

Number Date Organization Venue
1 Nov 2016 Learn Python NYC meetup 15Five
2 Nov 2016 PyLadies + Django meetup Buzzfeed
3 Jan 2017 CUNY Librarians CUNY
4 Feb 2017 PyLadies meetup Meetup
5 Sep 2017 PyLadies meetup iHeartMedia
6 Nov 2017 Datanauts online
7 Jan 2018 WWCode meetup BounceX
8 Mar 2018 Datanauts online
9 Nov 6-7, 2018 Girl Develop It Betterment
10 Nov 7, 2018 Datanauts online
11 Nov 8, 2018 MSKCC / NumFOCUS Memorial Sloan Kettering
12 Dec 2, 2018 DevFest Lehman College
13 Feb 27, 2019 Byte Academy Byte Academy (PAID)
14 Mar 27, 2019 WWCode meetup Skillshare
15 Jun 10, 2019 Postgres Women & NYC PyLadies Capital One & this
16 Aug 16, 2019 Write / Speak / Code conference in SF